Cases — Hotel Premises Liability / Wrongful Death / Personal Injury

Testimony and litigation support regarding licensor-licensee relationships, operating standards and duty of care issues for both the licensor and licensee associated with death and near-death drowning cases at 154-room franchised hotel in Mississippi. Jackson, MS

Retained to examine a hotel’s and the chain’s emergency response actions, security, PBX/front desk standards and response, emergency training, incident reports, MOD staffing and duty of care issues regarding an alleged wrongful death claim at a 350-room chain affiliated hotel in Tampa. Tampa, FL

Retained as an expert and rebuttal witness associated with an assault at a Western Pennsylvania independent motor lodge. Operating control and industry practices of staffing, guest registration, security equipment, security procedures, key control, abandonment and staff patrolling were examined within the context of duty of care expectations for hotel guests. Greensburg, PA

Two wrongful death cases emanating from a fire at an upscale, full-service inn located in Virginia. Hotel industry practices of maintenance, fire prevention, evacuation, safety, training, staffing, supervision and property control were principal hotel operating issues examined during discovery. AH&MA referenced as supplemental hotel industry standards. Charlottesville, VA and Cincinnati, OH

Retained as a hotel operating expert regarding a drowning at a 450-room international-chain affiliated hotel in Cartagena, Colombia. Key issue was the responsibility of the regional engineer, based in Coral Gables, to completely execute the renovation program of the hotel in Colombia, of which the pool and all of the equipment at the hotel were the engineer’s operating responsibility. My technical services experience with Sheraton Hotels, and in particular with South American Hotels administered from Coral Gables, provided extensive industry knowledge to the matter. Coral Gables, FL

Retained by plaintiff attorney regarding sexual assault on 3rd floor parking structure at a 450-room upscale hotel in Stamford, CT. Focus on duty of care by the licensor and the licensee to enforce proper security patrolling based on all of the licensor’s standards, directives, memos and operating structure obligating the licensee’s safety and security responsibility. Stamford, CT

Retained to evaluate the alleged near-deaths of unsupervised children nine and eight years old, who were left alone in their hotel room by parents at a 180-room budget inn. Issues to be decided were: if the pool fencing and self-closing latch and gate were working; if the hotel internal policy of locking the gate was in place at the time of the incident; if locking of the pool was advertised to the public; and, if proper warning signage was used, including no life guard and children under 12 must have an adult present. Jackson, MS

Retained regarding fire at an independent motel that resulted in two deaths and serious injuries due to improper staffing, disregard for maintenance of emergency lightening and alarms, absence of regular checking of smoke detectors and inoperative fire extinguishers. Chicago, IL

Client Comments —
"Your level of preparation and your ability to stay on message was impressive." — Jacksonville, Florida attorney regarding a serious premises injury.